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Help support a successful club at the very heart of the community.

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Our Vision

We are commited to grow not only in number of members but in the quality of our facilities and the enjoyment both on and off the pitch. We are an integral part of the community and have been for centuries. This is a core value within our club, and we make a special effort to ensure that it is upheld.

Our Mission

Kennington Cricket Club’s mission is to:
PROVIDE a safe, friendly and welcoming environment for all
PLAY the game to the best of our abilities whilst upholding the game’s best traditions
UPHOLD the principles embodied in the ‘Spirit of Cricket’
CONTRIBUTE as a vital and progressive force at the heart of our community
ASPIRE to be a club that other clubs hold in high regard and enjoy competing against


Our Future

Here at Kennington Cricket Club we firmly believe in building for the future. Not only in the physical sense of facilities and equipment, but in the inter-relationships of our players, members and supporters and in the development of the junior section to work their way up into the senior sides. Without an influx of youth, the club will eventually dry up and cease to operate on the level it currently does. This is not to say that we focus our efforts entirely on the juniors but through that we open ourselves up to grants and funds that are much needed for the development of the club.
We have had a medium to long term development plan in place since 2008 which we are still successfully putting into effect. This has included the addition of two new practice net areas, the acquisition of the nationally recognised Clubmark status, upgrades to the ground maintenance and pitch preparation equipment and also includes the major redevelopment of our pavilion and bar area and also the re-laying of our playing square to enable an even higher standard to be achieved.

Your Role

Whilst we have enabled access to certain grants and donations, the club survives solely on the commitment and hard work of it’s members. We all have an expertise in one field or another and try to put that to best use within the club, but financially we don’t have the capability to utilise our potential to the maximum. This is where we need you. As a non-professional club we rely on donations and sponsorship for day-to-day costs.
It is a very exciting time for Kennington Cricket Club and one we would like you to be a part of it. We believe we can offer businesses unique sponsorship packages differing from the normal ‘sponsorship gifting’ we see with many clubs. It is important that you get value for money, something we strive very hard to achieve for all concerned. Included in this pack are a number of different sponsorship packages that are available, ranging from low-key advertising to full club sponsorship. All our packages can be adapted and adjusted to best suit your needs and wishes.
We build successful partnerships and relationships with our sponsors, patrons and donators – ensuring they are always kept informed and as integrated in the club as possible. We treat you as we would like to be treated in return. We offer invitations to fuctions and ceremonies and allow valuable promotional opportunities throughout the year.
Help us to reach our goals, and we will try to ensure your business gets the exposure it deserves in return. We are more than happy to discuss any aspects of potential sponsorship or advertising with you in detail, you’ll find our contact details on the contacts page.

Club Overview


Our History

Kennington Cricket Club has been at the heart of life in the community since its first match as long ago as 1845. In the 1880s due to the persistence of the then vicar, Dr Welldon, and the ‘squire’, Mr Carter, the current club was born. We have played on our ground in Ulley Road for nearly 120 years and have recently obtained a 999-year peppercorn lease. This enables us to further expand both our senior and, more especially, our junior membership – to around 60 and well over 100 respectively – and formulate plans for the expansion and significant upgrading of our facilities.
We have recently completed the construction of two new practice nets with the ambition of improving and progressing both our adult and junior sections. With more than 30 home games a season, it is essential to maintain our facilities and ground to a high level and as a club we all chip in and play our parts. We take pride in our matchday teas, and challenge anyone to find a better service for the same cost.

Our Teams

We run two teams on a Saturday and one on a Sunday, the latter being a slightly more social event than the first. Our Saturday 1st team plays in division 1A-Central of the Kent Regional Cricket League, having achieved promotion two seasons ago. There is such an enthusiasm for our members to play that it provides great stability and strength, and with it brings stiff competition for places within the teams. There is even the possibility of entering our second team into the same league, and even running a second Sunday side in the very near future.
With a healthy mix of experience and youth, our second team currently enjoys around 20 friendly matches a season.
Our thriving junior section has been a huge success, with several youngsters not only regularly appearing for our senior teams, but having a vast impact on the game itself. We have well over a hundred junior members who are divided into an under-16 team, two under-14 teams, three under-12 teams and a large under-10 group. All of which partake in regular competitive league and tournament style cricket. We hold coaching and training sessions for different groups on separate days to enable concentration on specific aspects of the game, suitable to that group.
The club has been a regular touring side travelling to south Yorkshire for numerous, successful tours and in 2009, Kennington Cricket Club went international, touring to Menorca and in October 2011 the club sent a touring squad to Ibiza. Plans are already underway for a tour to another Balearic island this year.
With junior matches on Monday and Thursday, training on Tuesday and Wednesday then senior matches both days at the weekend, there is rarely a quiet moment at the ground during the summer.

Our Community

Our Ulley Road ground is situated in the rapidly growing town of Ashford in Kent, branded the fastest growing town between London and the Continent. The town, set to double in size over the next 25 years providing thousands of new homes and jobs, huge Government investment, improved education facilities, new shops, restaurants, offices and community facilities has a current population of somewhere in the region of 112,000.
In March 2001 the Government identified Ashford as one of four key growth areas in the South East, alongside the Thames Gateway, Milton Keynes and Stansted/M11 corridor, and since then has received major work laying the foundations for long-term sustainable growth.
The immediate area surrounding the Kennington ground consists of properties that are mainly detached, semi-detached or flats and are owned outright or mortgaged. The typical property price is high and the properties are large in size. In this area the most common social group is ABC1.
The level of investors in this area is 31 times the national average and the financial risk associated with this postcode is classified as being roughly 56% of the national average. Most people read a newspaper such as the Telegraph, The Times, the Independent or the Guardian and the level of internet usage is average. Response to mail order companies is low. There is a high level of car ownership and when travelling to work people tend to use private transport or work at home.
Residents are amongst the most affluent in the UK, with occupants tending to be older than average and will have built a significant proportion of their wealth from increases in property values, although others may have very high income levels and relatively few commitments.
Our recently redesigned and restructured website is too new to provide extensive analysis of it’s visitors, but from the current data we have it is possible to say that 31% of visitors to the site are directed from search engines, 22% are referred and 47% come directly to the site. As the analytics on the site have been active for just over one month, these figures are all likely to change.
We have had 1,427 page views since the new site’s launch on the 1st May from 496 visitors, 307 of these unique and 189 returning visitors. On average, visitors are spending 6 minutes 17 seconds on the site. The number of visitors is increasing weekly, and as the season progresses and awareness is raised and advertised, we anticipate much higher levels of traffic. We have full integration with social media site, Facebook, and each post in the news section of our website will appear on our followers’ wall, reaching all of their friends and followers too.
The website is to be used as a hub for club information, providing documents and other important details to club members and is intended to become a core aspect of the club and a vital tool for both communication and growth.
With 51 registered playing members, 6 non-playing members and 100 juniors signed on, regular visitors and supporters to the ground on match days, high spectator numbers for junior matches and regular newspaper articles, we have a fairly substantial audience reachability.

For further information or to arrange a meeting to discuss how you can help us, please speak to our media representative, Alan Hart.


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