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UPDATED: Six-A-Side 2016 Details Released

Posted in Uncategorized on Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 at 9:52 am

This years annual Six-A-Side promises to be bigger and better than ever before with 8 teams battling it out to be crowned champions.

Gates will open at 09:00 with sausage and bacon baps available until 11:00. The cricket will start at 10:00 with a bouncy castle and garden games for the children. There will be a ploughman’s lunch and there will be a bbq all day. There will be an ice cream van and sweets for the kiddies, and of course the bar will be open all day and late into the evening.

Even if you can’t play please come along for a few drinks, the bar will be open all day!


Group A
The Offside Massive
The Old Gits
The Lancaster Bombers

Group B
Hardly Athletic
Victorious Secret
The Rose Inn
Last but not Least

Order of Play

1000 – The Offside Massive v The Old Gits
1030 – Hardly Athletic v Victorious Secret
1100 – The Lancaster Bombers v TBC
1130 – The Rose Inn v Last but not Least
1200 – The Offside Massive v The Lancaster Bombers
1230 – Hardly Athletic v The Rose Inn
1330 – The Old Gits v TBC
1400 – Victorious Secret v Last but not Least
1430 – The Offside Massive v TBC
1500 – Hardly Athletic v Last but not Least
1530 – The Old Gits v The Lancaster Bombers
1600 – The Rose Inn v Victorious Secret
1630 – Semi Final A Runner Up Group A v Winner Group B
1700 – Semi Final B Winner Group A v Runner up Group B
1730 – FINAL


  • Each team will consist of 6 players (being able to play cricket is not essential)
  • The Game will be 5 overs per side (providing teams can last 5 overs without bowled out)
  • Each bowler can only bowl 1 over (Jagger you can’t bowl all your teams overs)
  • Batsman must retire when they have scored 30 runs (Challenge – retire after facing 5 balls), retired batsman can return when everyone else in their team is out.
  • To bowl a side out you must take all 6 wickets, this means that the once 5 wickets have been taken the last man not out bats with a runner (challenge – Bowl a team out in 1 over)
  • The decision of the umpire is final no matter how drunk he is.
  • A bowler must start his run up from the pre-determined run up line failure to do so will result in a no ball being called. (Harty no coming off your long run)
  • Short balls will be deemed no-balls, this will be determined by lines marked on the wicket (Grant watch out for these)
  • No-balls and wides will not be re-bowled and if they occur will result in 4 runs being awarded to the batting side.
  • 3 points will be awarded for a win, 1 for a tie and 0 for losing (no bonus points will be awarded as everyone will be too drunk to work that out by the end)
  • If 2 teams finish the group on level points positions will be determined by a super over where each team bowls 1 over, the team who scores the most runs wins, if after the super over teams are still drawing it will continue until someone wins (or until one team gets bored and wants to go to the pub)
  • If more than 2 teams finish level on points we will rely on PG to do some magic with numbers to work out who finishes where.
  • The Semi Finals and final will also be decided by a Super Over if scores finish level after 5 overs each.
  • Teams are responsible for starting their games on time. The order of play is just a guide as some games will differ in length. Other than the 30 minute break after game 6 each game must start directly after the last one has finished. (To help with this the taking of beers onto the cricket field is encouraged)
  • If during the day one of your team is too drunk to continue a substitute may be used with the permission of the opposition captain.

Share your day with us using the hashtag #KCCsixaside

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