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Please Support Bangers4BEN 2016

Posted in Uncategorized on Monday, September 12th, 2016 at 9:03 am

Two of Jez Grove’s work colleagues are taking part in the ‘Bangers4BEN’ charity car race this year and need your support!

This involves obtaining a car for less than £750 and then insuring, taxing and servicing it before heading off to Italy via France covering 2,000km over 4 days. At the end of this the cars get auctioned and all proceeds go to the charity.

BEN is a not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to those who work, or have worked, in the automotive industry and their family dependents. BEN is proud to offer practical help, support and advice that makes a lasting, positive difference to people’s lives. In addition to its wide range of free confidential information, advice and support services, BEN operates highly-regarded care centres at various locations throughout the UK plus a day centre in Coventry.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring Chris Ching & Paul Whitaker that would be great – especially as we may be able to get them to sponsor our potential ‘London to Brighton’ event in 2017.

You can help Chris Ching & Paul Whitaker raise money for this great cause by donating directly to their fundraising page using the button below.

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