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Pavilion Plans Unveiled

Posted in Uncategorized on Monday, February 4th, 2013 at 5:07 pm

Following the committee on the 31st Jan 2013, Pavilion Project Manager Frank Slegg presented the revised plans for the new building.

With initial quotations in the region of £125,000 and with only a £50,000 grant from Sport England, the club had to review the initial design concept.

Frank has spent a period of time reviewing our concerns and at the meeting he put forward his new proposals.

The main intent was not to reduce the size of the new building but to rationalise the internal layout and possible material savings.

He presented to the committee 3D renderings of how the pavilion could look both internally and externally.

In addition he presented three more quotations he had received from alternative contractors showing an approximate saving of 10% on initial pricings. So we are now looking at circa £110,000.

Concerns had been raised over the issue of VAT, adding 20% to the total, but the contractor being favoured is exempt from charging VAT.

Final plans are being produced by an architect to be submitted to Ashford Borough Council for approval ASAP. It is anticipated approval could be obtained by the end of May 2013.

Because this sits firmly in the cricket season, demolition and construction work is due to commence in October 2013.

View the plans here

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