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Pavilion Development Project Underway

Posted in Uncategorized on Sunday, August 26th, 2012 at 2:25 pm

Having accepted the grant of £50,000 from Sport England through their ‘Inspired Facilities’ programme, the development of the pavilion is now underway.

A small sub-committee has been established to oversee the whole project, which will start with internal surveys to discover what members would like to see in the new pavilion. This committee, comprising of Treasurer John Cunningham, Chairman Geoff Prior and President Peter Grant will take things forward and will report back regularly to the main club committee with updates.

A website and full marketing campaign will be launched in due course to build awareness and interest within the community and in a bid to attract commercial investment.

With the project unlikely to cost less than about £75,000 and, depending on what we do, could be closer to £100,000, in order to attain such a figure would require a significant fundraising effort from the whole club. Our efforts must now be redoubled as the club will have to find the remainder of this funding. It is quite likely that the majority of this will come through a commercial bank loan but this will, of course, need to be repaid over a period of years. Therefore, if we are to see the clubhouse project come to fruition, we will need a consistent and concerted fund raising effort throughout the club. Everyone will benefit hugely from the new facilities and everyone will need to pull their weight in ensuring it is built to the highest standard so that the club can go from strength to strength.

The Pavilion Committee have begun compiling a list of what they would like in the new facility, split into the categories:

Definitely Want (in addition to what we’ve currently got): Heating, increased clubroom area, kitchen/bar with shutters (ideally the two separate from each other), security system.

Like to Have (if funds allow): Indoor toilets, indoor access to changing rooms, pitched roof, more storage space, lobby/porch, scoring box on 1st floor, improved viewing areas for spectators.

Forms will soon be available online and at the bar for you to let us know what you’d like to included in the new build.

Please keep an eye out for your opportunity to have your say and to get involved with the project in anyway you can. If you know anyone outside of the club who may be interested in helping us achieve our goals, please put them in touch with the Pavilion Committee.

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