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League Structure for 2017 Revealed

Posted in Uncategorized on Thursday, December 1st, 2016 at 8:52 pm

The Kent Regional Cricket League structure for the 2017 season has been revealed.

With our 2nd XI not entering a team into the league for the 2017 season, our 1st XI have been entered into the 1A East division, with fixtures against Wye, Worth, Saltwood, Deal Victoria & Barns Close, Margate, Canterbury 3rds and newcomers Ramsgate Corinthians and Selsted. Matches will be 40 overs win or lose and will start at 1.30pm.

Due to the number of resignations and new teams joining the league, there have been several changes both up and down the structure and also from side to side. Changes have been kept to a minimum, but as you can imagine, there are no set boundaries in terms of Met / West / Central / East – so clubs have been moved were applicable to ensure we retain a balanced structure.

Also introduced for the 2017 season are divisions of 9 teams to ensure that we keep a 20 division structure and to assist with flexibility in future seasons. This will also ensure that clubs with fixture issues can be resolved without too many headaches.

As a result of the decisions made, there are several additional promotions and relegations in the lower divisions of the structure. These have been based on performances in 2016 alone. It is the intention that this new structure, with 20 suitably geographically placed divisions, will be competitive and enjoyable for all teams.

Please note that the divisional structure is now final and will not be changed, unless there are last minute resignations from within the KCL or KRCL.

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