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A Word from the Captain

Posted in Uncategorized on Wednesday, July 12th, 2017 at 9:30 am

Club Captain, Stuart Lancaster, would like to say a few words to all Club members

Club Captain, Stuart Lancaster, would like to say the following to all members:

Hello everyone, 

Just a short email to inform all Club members that we are really struggling with getting 2 sides out every week. We have already cancelled 1 Saturday league game and 2 Sunday league games which is disappointing. If we were to cancel anymore Sunday games we would lose our league status and we would struggle to get back into the village league. 

I know this seems to be a problem for most clubs and I fully understand that not everyone can play every week, but if everyone can make a renewed effort to play it would really help myself and Jagger from pulling what little hair we do have out!

As witnessed by those that attended our Mexican night on Saturday, the Club is slowly edging its way back to the fun social place it used to be for many years when I was a junior player and it was great to see current players and their families enjoy the evening. 

So a final plea please, if everyone who is a playing member can help out, I would be most grateful. Please contact either myself, Jagger or James if available. 

Stuart Lancaster – 07818 017 753
David ‘Jagger’ Finch – 07894 202 852
James Iles – 07979 745 321

Cheers, Stu.

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